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Welcome to KYC Financial
KYC Financial Services, is a Canadian life insurance and financial services company based in the Lower Mainland. As independent Life Insurance and Financial advisors, we look at people, families, and businesses to create, protect, and preserve their financial well-being. We want to make sure that our clients are well taken care of for whatever life has in store and help them all the way.

Hi, I am Balwant Mann

Your Financial Advisor

I am Insurance advisor working with KYC Financial to help families achieve their short- and long-term financial goals. I work with most Canadian insurance companies.

My passion is to share knowledge of financial management with others. Some time ago I decided to learn about finance myself, in order to pass this knowledge on to my Children. I discovered the majority of people are not aware of how to effectively save their money for the future.

Understanding the wide range of investment opportunities outside of the traditional banking system is a key factor in wisely investing your money. This is my reason to come into this line of business.

Insurance Services

Protect your family income from un-expected events.

Disability Insurance

Guarantee your monthly income, in the event of a unexpected disability

Life Insurance

Cover debt & expenses. It can be used for retirement

Travel Insurance

Cover debt & expenses. It can be used for retirement

Critical Illness

Get a lump sum payout while you’re recovering or your money back

Mortgage Insurance

Insure your Mortgage. Choose the beneficiary, rather than the bank

Extended Health

Protect against unseen health issues. Choose the beneficiary, rather than the bank

If you have any query related to Insurance or investment... We are available

Investment Planning

Plan for your Future

Education Savings Plan

Cover your kids post secondary school expenses.


Registered Retirement Savings Accounts

Estate Planning

Distributing your Wealth to your next of kin


Grow your investments with a TAX Free Savings Accounts

Wills & Power of Attorney

Take control of your assets before its too late

Non-Registered Investments

Info here

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to Help

There is no fee for consultation or discussion, if you agree with the solutions and plans that I provide and implement, the insurance company will pay for the service I provide.

Everyone is eligible for self-assessment, especially the self-employed, because they do not have some of the benefits that the employed person will have, like coverage from work or retirement plans.

There is no best time to start investing (Saving) the earlier we start saving the less amount we need to put aside for future.

The best way to learn, talk to an advisor for some advice as soon as possible to save taxes and hassle before it’s too late.

Everyone needs a will if you have a family (especially a young family), even a single person should have sone one responsible for representation when He or She inincapable of making life decision.